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I am a professional photographer and teacher, based in Melbourne, Australia. I teach individuals ranging in experience from beginner to professional. I advise on equipment and currently shoot digital images with Nikon and Panasonic cameras. During my career, I have owned and used Hasselblad, Leica, Sinar, Cambo, Nikon, Linhof, Rollei, Pentax, Polaroid and many other film and digital cameras. I primarily use Apple computers with Lightroom and Photoshop plus, Nik, and Topaz software. However, I also teach Aperture, iPhoto, Capture One, Elements and the total Adobe Creative Suite.

My intention is to share the knowledge I have gained from both photographing and teaching. I hope some of this information may help you improve understanding and enjoyment of photography.

If there is any topic of particular interest, or needs clarification, please comment and I’ll try to explain, or expand it further. If you enjoy my writing I would appreciate a comment or any relevant feedback.

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  1. Ron Speed permalink

    Hi Alan, my name is Ron Speed I am the president of the Victorian Association of Photographic Societies which is a non profit organisation that represents camera clubs throughout Victoria. Each year we hold a convention and I would like to discuss the possibility of you conducting a workshop at next years convention (2015) in Bendigo.

    My personal mobile is 0433364844, I look forward to hearing from you.


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