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Victorian Association of Photographic Societies Conference Bendigo 22nd May- 25th May 2015

May 12, 2015
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I’m both privileged and looking forward to be giving a talk on the joys of small cameras and iPhones at the upcoming VAPS conference. I’ll also be running a couple of workshops involving small cameras and post processing using Nik Software. There will be a large audience of enthusiastic photographers and I hope to solve some mysteries and generate lots of animated discussion.

Over the last few years, there’s been a lot of interest in small cameras and smart phone cameras. These days, everyone seems to have a smartphone and they’re used for numerous tasks. Everything from getting opinions on potential purchases, to movies and even professional wedding photography. Social media has had a large influence on the growth of this phenomenon. Perhaps finally fulfilling Andy Warhol’s prophecy that in future, everyone will enjoy 15 minutes of fame

Autumn Tree iPhone

Autumn Tree, iPhone 6 Plus edited with Nik Silver Effex Pro 2

Autumn Tree Colour (1 of 1)

Original processed in iPhone.

Smart phones are easy to use, but axiomatically, they’re also easy to use badly. They have secret functions hidden in menus and require a processing with a variety of apps to get the most out of them. Small cameras also require more care in capturing the initial image. This is simply the limitation of small sensors and design that is used for other applications. That said, it’s still possible to get large, stunning prints when you know how.

Quick Process

Original photo and the same shot after processing. Taken by my sister with an iPhone 4s

My talk and workshops will be based around ways to get great images from small cameras and overcoming their limitations. I’ll be showcasing various types of small cameras, smartphones, plus apps for processing, manipulating and sharing photographs. Serious photographers sometimes express reluctance to use a small camera because they see them as too limited, or really amateurish. Nothing could be further from the truth. They offer the advantages of ready availability, stealth, convenience and quality. I look forward to meeting everybody who’s enrolled and having enjoyable disussions.

In conclusion, anyone who needs convincing about the quality achievable by a talented photographer with a small camera, need only look at this travel portfolio, taken in Italy by my good friend Garry Smith. Garry is a full time professional photographer, but he wanted to travel and take a rest from work. He still wanted to take pictures, but liberated from the weight and complexity of his normal Nikon D800E, tripod and lenses. I recommended a Lumix LX5 to him and after a few hours helping him familiarise himself with the menus, he set off for Italy. These are some of his shots.


Church Interior

Altar LX5

Altar LX5


Sacred Interior LX5


Italian Countryside


Fishing Nets LX5


Quiet Village LX5


Mediterranean Beach LX5

Garry returned after a great holiday, refreshed and with some memorable images. Need I say any more?

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