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Take Your Tablet So You Won’t Be Sorry in the Morning.

May 12, 2015

This has been sitting around for a while, so I completed it today.

allan kleiman photography

There’s nothing worse than regret. You’ve spent a fortune buying a ticket to an exotic photo location. You’ve bought the latest lenses, they’re all cleaned & calibrated, spare bodies, batteries & cards, housed in a brand new case. You’ve researched the destination, booked travel, looked at the possibilities and you’re ready to go. STOP! You need to take precautions against supreme disappointment.

Take a tablet!

It doesn’t matter whether your tablet is an iPad, Samsung, HP, Sony, Toshiba or any one of the others that are flooding the market. The important thing is to take one with you that can connect physically, or wirelessly to your camera. My reasoning is simple. You need to check that your shot of a lifetime is sharp, properly exposed and can ultimately produce the result you want. I’ll address my comments to the iPad, because it’s what I use and know. You must…

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