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Winter Wandering; A 12 Minute Photo Exercise.

July 7, 2013

Winter Garden (6 of 13)Finding myself at a loose end on a cold Winter’s day, I decided to set myself a quick photographic exercise. Take a dozen shots in a twelve minute walk around the garden. One shot per minute. Quick compositions without too much thought. It was a mind cleansing exercise that is the antithesis of the work I normally do in a studio, which involves careful lighting, a tripod, hours of photography plus lots of editing.

This exercise involved a camera and one lens. A Nikon 85mm ƒ1.8 and my sadly neglected Winter backyard garden.

They are not once-in-a-lifetime world beaters. That’s not the point. They are the result of walking around and taking s shot per minute in a familiar confined space, while still trying to get the most diverse range of interesting shots.

Why don’t you try the same exercise, you might enjoy it. I certainly did.

Winter Garden (2 of 3)

Winter Garden (8 of 13)

Winter Garden (4 of 13)

ImageImageImageImageWinter Garden (1 of 3)Image Image

The neighbour’s cat art directed, well kept one eye on the proceeding, from the comfort of an abandoned chair.

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