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Point & Shoot – The Eveready iPhone Camera

March 5, 2013

I love the convenience and spontaneity of the iPhone 5 camera. It is generally in my pocket, or somewhere handy and reasonably easy to use. A quick tap on the camera app icon and you have a large clear viewfinder with 100% image area in a compact lightweight body. You have a choice of video, still, flash, panorama and HDR. Very versatile.

Numerous developers have tried to improve on the basic camera. They feature processing, anti-shake, SLR type displays with copious information and format variations. I have bought and tried many of them, but none beat the simplicity of the original. The standard app just does the job. it is like comparing fast food to a restaurant meal. Fast food is quick, filling and consistent, but a bit limited, whereas restaurant meals offer more variety, complexity and takes time and commitment. Both have their place.

Hello Leo. Don't be scared!iPhone 5 pic

Hello Leo. Don’t be scared!
iPhone 5 pic

On a recent family outing, I had both my DSLR and iPhone camera. The Nikon was fitted with the 35mm ƒ1.8 with ISO set to 640 and aperture at ƒ2.5 The lighting wasn’t great and I was trying to capture a very active nephew being introduced to a nervous cat. I picked up the iPhone and got some good shots. Not great, but family snaps and great memories. The cat made a hasty exit, the nephew calmed down and went to his mum. I put the phone down, picked up the DSLR and got some lovely shots. The predetermined settings were fine and the family were well pleased with the results, as was I. A bonus that I wasn’t aware of at the time, was that some family members grabbed the iPhone and shot some video and stills of me at work. As is the case with most professional photographers, I rarely appear in family photographs, because someone always hands me a camera with the words “i hope you don’t mind taking a few snaps.”

I'd like to pat you!iPhone 5 pic

I’d like to pat you!
iPhone 5 pic

I crop, sharpen and process all photographs in Lightroom 4 and apply camera and lens corrections to all photographs prior to distribution. I also use Photogene 2 to process pictures directly on the phone and they get distributed via Dropbox straight from the iPhone. It is an efficient, trouble free enjoyable process and unlike the convoluted process I had to endure when using film, all aspects of family life can be effortlessly documented and shared. They are priceless memories that are a joy to look back on.

The iPhone camera is not perfect. As with any camera, it should be used within its parameters. It gets noisy in very low light and because it’s light, it is subject to shake, so must be held carefully. As the lens is in the top right hand corner, you must be careful not to get fingers in the way. The results are dependent on everything going right, but with practice and processing, you can get results that are exceptional. With care, A3+ prints are not out of the question. It isn’t an SLR, but it is a worthy contender for most convenient and versatile point and shoot.

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