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Dirty Pictures

December 19, 2012

After hours of retouching dust spots, I just took a client’s Nikon D3S in for a lens and sensor clean. Aside from it being an expensive exercise, it is inconvenient. How can it be avoided?

1. Firstly, when changing lenses, keep the body pointing down or horizontally. This stops airborne dust settling when the camera is most vulnerable.

2. Don’t change lenses in dusty conditions. Make up your mind prior to starting a session as to what focal length is best and stick to it.

3. Keep back caps on your lenses and check them for dust prior to putting them on the camera. Use a puffer such as the Giottos, not canned are which contains propellants and can damage a lens.

4. Make sure your camera bag is clean. Empty it and vacuum clean it every so often.

5. Choose lenses that don’t suck dust in and out of the camera body. The old Canon 70-300mm zoom was notorious.

6. If your camera features ultrasonic cleaning, use it! Have it turned on to “On start up and shutdown.”

By following these simple simple steps, you won’t end up with hours of spotting.

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