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The Joy of Photography

April 20, 2012

In recent years, an intense interest in photography has exploded into our collective consciousness. It has been driven by the digital revolution; smart phones, laptops, inexpensive digital cameras and easy access to distribution through the internet.

Pictures have the power to inspire and move us, release powerful emotions, or simply record and share day to day living. The old adage that “One picture is worth a thousand words” is more true today than at any time in history.

I see more and more people using their cameras/phones to record incidents and share them. Photography enables family and friends to keep in touch and up to date. A picture is quicker and explains far more than an essay tapped out by two fingers on a keyboard on thumbs, on a microscopic virtual keyboard. Your intended message helpfully misinterpreted by the ever present, malicious, predictive text and spell checker.

If you graduate from simple photographic records, and photography becomes more of a passion, a new world opens. You can present the world the way you see it, or the way you would prefer it to be. Photoshop has seen to that. Don’t like a picture? Photoshop it.

Photography can be enjoyed on any level, by anyone, of any age using the simplest or most complex equipment. It can tell the truth, misrepresent it, move us to laughter, or tears, or record our precious moments. Each path is equally and entirely valid and remains in the vision and hands of of the photographer.


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