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The Best Camera

April 19, 2012

I am often asked by clients and friends “What is the best camera?” This seemingly simple question is actually loaded with complexity and generally asked after they have decided on some offering that promised perfect pictures every time, is simple to use and the coolest offering from the current hottest manufacturer. A camera that they haven’t been able turn on and can’t even begin to decipher the instruction manual to solve the problem.

In turn;  I ask them, “What is your experience level? What do you intend to photograph? Are you prepared to process your photos? Do you want to print them, or only view them on-screen? Are you going to share your pictures on social media? Are you prepared to learn how to use your camera, or do you demand instant results? Do you intend purchasing lenses or accessories? What are you prepared to spend on photography – in time and money?”

The list of questions is infinite, but not answering them leads to expensive mistakes. In summary, a camera is a very personal tool, that helps you express your vision of the world and create treasured memories either for yourself, or to share with family and friends. You need to have clear objectives of what you want from photography and to get, professional, unbiassed advice.

Not from gear heads, or the friend that once sold a picture, or the nice salesman in the camera shop who is getting a massive commission on the latest multi-megapixel offering from NiCanPanOl. Be honest with yourself and do your homework. Don’t buy something that is too complex for your needs, or too heavy to get out of the cupboard, or too dear to take anywhere without an armed security guard.

There is also one very simple, irrefutable maxim – the very best camera for you  is the one you have with you when a photo opportunity presents itself.

  1. good post. i hate when people ask me that too. it just doesnt exist. its like asking what’s the best song/best movie/best… car…. whatever. haha. very personal decision, absolutely

    • Thanks for your comment. It’s not a question I hate, it’s simply too complex to give a one word or one brand answer.

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